A Closed Mind

          A friend came by the office and saw the book on top of my table.  Probably got curious by its unique silvery cover jacket, and the remarkable text of its title, he took it and managed to scan a few pages.  I assumed he must have chanced upon one of the chapter titles, which reads with much certitude: ‘Why There Almost Certainly Is No God’. 

          He seemed to be struck dumb; with a leery grin, he exclaimed, “Man, you really are an atheist!” – and dropped the book like he would of a filthy underwear.


          I anticipated his reaction, and with a bit of caustic humor intended – dared him, “You  should read it. It’s a hell of a book.”  My invitation was answered with a vigorous head-shake and a telling look that says he’s not going to touch the book again, ever.

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