blogging again

Its been a month since i last posted an entry. Ive been very busy lately studying and preparing this crazy case.  I call it crazy since it has eaten much of my time.  I hope to write again soon, and improve my blog. I considered shifting to another site but I don’t know how I could transfer all my entries here.  Most of my readers are non-bloggers, I hope some good samaritan who knows this stuff would come across this blog and help me.  I also intend to work on a legal blog.  I will try my best to squeeze in some of my time.  I intend to begin tonight.


Me, My Beer, and My SGPT

I like beer. No question about it. I’m not a social drinker. I am a beer drinker. I like it chilled, most especially. Had my first taste of it when I was less than a year old. A nurturing uncle supposedly put beer on my baby bottle. I don’t have a memory of it but I would like to think that it probably triggered a happy grin on my face. Continue reading