On my way back from an out-of-town hearing, I saw this tree.  I was reminded of that poem by Joyce Kilmer we memorized in grade school .  But the words are not apt to describe this tree. I am pretty sure it is in a state of prayer with the state it is in.  The tree is looking at God all day but has no “leafy arms to pray”. Continue reading


Spiderman in Cebu… Batman too?


Cebu City has been my home for the last fifteen years.  The place is known for its rich heritage, beautiful resorts, historic sites and hardworking populace.  While driving on Mango Avenue, little did I know that Spiderman has paid the city a visit. (above)  Wait till you see Batman and Robin aboard a jeepney. Continue reading

morning street scenes

While on my way to the office one morning last week, these scenes grabbed my eyes.  This fellow paid no heed to the passers by and conveniently relieved himself on the wall.  Meanwhile, a father and child feasted on their morning meal before resuming to their daily means of livelihood – selling fruits to passengers and drivers.