Argao RTC Courtroom

Just last Wednesday, my second trip to Argao, Cebu for a court hearing had been filled with much anticipation, strangely not so much from the case I attended, although I got the Writ of Preliminary Injunction my client desperately needed, but more from the fact that I brought with me my new DSLR camera.  Ha ha ha… I’ve never been this profoundly shallow.



You could count me in as one of those who joined the emerging DSLR craze.  Pondered on it for a year, and last month, I finally bought it: a Canon EOS 450D.    I had previously set my eyes on either the Nikon D80 or Canon 40D but after a bit of tedious research on the internet, the rave reviews for the 450D just did it and won me over.  The more candid reasons, however, were that:  I couldn’t find a Nikon D80 or a Canon 40D in the stores of Cebu, and the EOS 450D appeals more to beginners like me. 


I have long been interested in photography, and the new-found enthusiasm it breathes within has me now scraping for time learning its rudiments.  Now, I very much feel like a freshman law student encountering such weird terms like “aperture”, “shutter speed”, and “depth of field”. 


My visit to Argao, I think, was not without some gratifying shots.  If some “real” photographers happen to pass by this post, I very much welcome your criticisms.

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