Arnel Pineda – Journey’s New Front Man

     This morning, I heard the classic Journey song “Faithfully” being played coming from the PC of my law office partner.  I commented, “Man, I never tire of that song.  Steve Perry is simply amazing.”  Of course, nobody could belt that song as high and as hard as “the voice” himself.  This was unmistakably Steve Perry.

     I was wrong.  My partner, Atty. Johannes Riñen, actually played a video from Youtube – and to my surprise it was sung by somebody else.  His name is Arnel Pineda, (former) front man of The Zoo, a local cover band.  I just learned that this man has just been hired to become the new lead singer of the legendary rock band Journey.  Wonderful, wonderful news.


     Oh, I thought I’m putting blogging behind me for now.  But I couldn’t resist this.  Arnel Pineda is another name added to the infinite list of Filipino talents who were never given their due recognition and opportunity.    It’s quite frustrating seeing only mediocre talents on TV, who get to secure record contracts with adequate promotion, so long as they could sing a tune or two and possess pretty faces, or have exposed their faces long enough via reality TV shows, or have a father or a mother or a close relative for a celebrity, or if not a politician.   (Update – Case in point: Charice Pempengco.  If you don’t know her yet, you might as well call Ellen Degeneres for more info. Don’t mind the local snobs – producers, I mean – there’s word that a record deal is in the works with Clive Davis.  Whoa!).  That’s why I’m much elated for Arnel Pineda for this big break of his.  

     And man, just listen to him sing: Continue reading