Morning Beer for Manny Pacquiao

          My beer buddy, Jingo – if I may say – boxingworld’s oracle – augured an “unwatchable” fight to be perpetrated by Barrera – but nevertheless predicted a unanimous decision in Manny’s favor.  The best chance for Barrera is to fight an ugly fight, he says.  Unwatchable, oh well…

           I’m not a boxing sage as my friend is – but my heart says it’s a TKO win for Manny and the fight’s going to be exciting as hell.  For cryin’ out loud, I’ve already shelled out precious pesos for a pay per view. 

          Well, here’s for another thumping thrilla tomorrow… and I wish all the best for our boxing hero. 

(update:  Pacquiao wins by unanimous decision.  No knockdown in any round.  Jingo was right (as usual)… except that it was not an “unwatchable” fight.)