“Christ’s Alter Ego” Fancies Toying Bra Straps



(If you can help it, read this first… )

      Nothing remotely lascivious about that.  Neither does “putting one’s arm around some girls’ shoulders, nor touching their arms and back”.  There simply is no consideration to mistrust one’s “style” of hearing confessions.  The penitents must be a troubled lot.  They – especially the girls – certainly need the soothing touch of an absolving hand. You know, women could do with some comforting gestures – that if it necessitates trifling with their bra straps – why not?  A little “pinching” and “tickling” usually do the trick.  Besides, when did it become a sin to express one’s innocuous doting for undergarments?  That he also fancies that… uhm… womanly mounds covered by that captivating bra could only be conjectured by a sullied mind.   Continue reading