Erap Pardon – An Act of Disgrace

     GMA pardons Erap. The spineless wimp gives clemency to a reprobate hypocrite (or the other way around, your choice).  Not just the pardon but the haste and the evident furtiveness with which it was granted:  Nothing could be more hilarious. Nothing could be more sickening.  

     I don’t know how a person –  who is presently serving jail time after having been convicted of Estafa involving less than a hundred thousand pesos – would feel about Erap – after being found to have committed the well, a just so so crime of PLUNDER, involving an amount in just … well, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PESOS – is now SCOT-FREE! 

     Man, he has not spent even a single day in jail – unless you call a luxurious air-conditioned rest house one. Continue reading