Baybay City No More

            In a recent decision, the Supreme Court, voting 7-5, declared as unconstitutional cityhood laws passed by Congress concerning 16 municipalities, among which is my hometown in Leyte, Baybay.  The High Court granted the petition filed by the League of Cities of the Philippines which sought for the nullification of the cityhood laws.  Put simply, the law, specifically Republic Act No. 9389 from which the cityhood of Baybay emanates, is now declared void and unconstitutional.


            This may come out as an unpleasant surprise to many Baybayanos who already are getting used to the gratifying idea of Baybay as a city.  But perhaps to a few of us, who were aware of this extant petition pending before the Supreme Court, the idea of cityhood may still turn out to be far from being a permanent certainty.

            What makes the Supreme Court take on the role of a kill-joy to the Baybayanos?  Continue reading