Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada – A Tormented Idealist?

          I just caught tonight an excerpt, on ANC, of Korina Sanchez’s exclusive interview with Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada, the man who testified on the controversial ZTE deal and confirmed what has already been postulated by many as the archetype of the chronic iniquities not only of this administration but of the past governments as well.   From his revelations at the Senate, the only surprise, at least to me, is perhaps the scandalous amount of “commissions” involved – US$130,000,000.00.   If true, it leaves me wondering how much dough these greedy bastards must have milked from those other multi-billion peso government projects.


            Before I saw the interview, despite having seen some snippets of his appearance at the Senate, I reserved my opinion on him.  He has already been impetuously compared by many to Clarissa Ocampo; and his testimony as the “tipping point” which presumably would lead to GMA’s downfall, as the many intractable (and already salivating) GMA critics would fancy it to be.  Evidently, he is a far cry from Clarissa Ocampo, as the latter’s credibility was anchored on her being not part of the Mafia, but simply for her being a disinterested eyewitness.  Notwithstanding all the drama and suspense that precede Jun Lozada’s face-off at the Senate, I suspect him to be another one of those guys who got an axe to grind, got pissed, and as retribution, ratted on his fellow thieves.


            When I saw him respond to Korina’s questions, he struck me rather surprisingly as someone who is a pained and passionate idealist, who got caught up in the “system” where his professed ideals certainly have no place in the wheeling and dealing that continually goes on.  The moment he chose to join the government he knew he had to cast those ideals aside.  That he had to be a team player in order to function, and that he had to project that kind of persona acceptable to the coterie that wields the real power.  He knew that he ultimately had to toe the line no matter his personal judgment.   He accepted this reality.   In fact, his candid admissions to the transgressions he committed proved that he gave in to the allurement of being in the circle of power – where one can practically do anything and get away with it.   As that notorious aphorism says, “What are we in power for.”, clearly rings true.   In short, he simply got sucked in. Continue reading