Dousing, Snapping, and Amending

     In what was considered a surprising move, JDV and his minions called for a press conference a few days ago, in order to throw down their gauntlets at the senators – while trumpeting the challenge – “let’s have a constitutional convention! That’s what you want. We’ll give you that!” The congressmen, quite unenthusiastically it seems, announced that they are willing to backtrack from convening the “senate-less” constituent assembly, just so they could accommodate a constitutional convention. Provided, the senators must accede with 2/3 votes. And within 72 hours. To me it seemed quite an ultimatum.

      An activist, Renato Constanino, was no doubt piqued by this announcement that he stood up and insulted the honorable congressmen – live on ANC. He minces no words in calling the honorable congressmen as men who are “bereft of any principles”. He was appalled. He was fuming. His face was burning – revealing a scorching, and an almost smoldering revulsion at what he had just witnessed. So much so that a newspaper columnist felt it necessary to douse the man’s face with a glass of water.
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Mystery Father ‘Harasser’

Twenty female students of Abellana National High School came out to claim that they were sexually harassed by this priest, allegedly while inside the confessional. That was supposedly part of a religious activity – the confession, I mean. Most of us who are Roman Catholics, practicing or not, must be familiar with such an activity. A friend or neighbor, at one time or another, perhaps had the audacity to invite some of us to attend this “Life in the Spirit Seminar”. Continue reading