Journey’s "Revelation" Album


Just got my copy of Journey’s latest album “Revelation” with Arnel Pineda doing the lead vocals.  It has peaked as the No. 1 Independent Album in the Billboard charts.  Its exclusively distributed by Wal-Mart in North America, so I had to ask my wife to ask her friend to ask her husband who’s in the states for a brief sojourn to ask his friend to bring the copy back here in the Philippines.  I just paid more than a 500 bucks, well, for 2 CDs and 1 DVD on one of their live concerts.  Disc 1 contains their latest songs and Disc 2, re-recordings of their old hits.  I listened to it already, and watched the DVD.  It’s  all worth it.  Arnel Pineda is indeed, in his own words, “rockin’ the world”.