The Magnificent Reynaldo Lapuz

          Yeah, I’m blogging again.  I guess my mood is now drawn more to subjects of dilettantish exaltation than well, serious stuff.  And it’s all because of that kick-ass audition I saw the other night on American Idol. Looking like a caped crusader in white, clad with a pimp hat and pimp garb – I immediately guessed him to be Filipino –  he delighted the judges, Simon, Paula, and Randy with a rousing rendition of a song he said he himself wrote. He is Reynaldo (or Renaldo) Lapuz.  Remember that name.  The song is called “We’re Brothers Forever”.  Remember that song.

          I definitely put faith in Simon Cowell”s “horrible feeling” that the song is going to be a “hit record”.  The song is catchy; the melody sort of hackneyed, or lifted straight out from a school anthem – but perhaps, in fairness – a tad more creative than those Lito Camo songs.  To be candid, he sings like that inebriated neighbor who selfishly latched on to the mike and sings the karaoke like there’s no tomorrow, or neighborsContinue reading