Pacquiao Proved Pundits Wrong

Last Sunday morning, (you wouldn’t believe it) I prayed a lot.  And cursed, too.  Just a couple of hours before the fight, I was testing my culinary skills on an original recipe (pork stew, chinese style) locally known as “Humba”, and pancit guisado using that delicious flat noodles that I recently discovered—when we suddenly had a freakin’ brownout.  I called up and asked my secretary to call up and inform VECO that a man is about to become insane if power will not be back before fight time.  Specifically, pay per view time.  Well, VECO promised to be able to restore power before the fight.  My houseguests, law partners and staff who came all the way to my home in Talamban did not come, I know, for my pancit and humba.  I didn’t know if expletives might just ignite, spark or restore power in time for the fight, but I experimented on it anyway.  To be sure, I also prayed.  Minutes before ten o’clock, we had power.  It’s now time to pray for Pacman. Continue reading